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About Us

About Us


With the services that Romtek has been successfully providing and developing since its foundation, our company has achieved significant success at the local, regional and national level, and has made a great contribution to the country's economy. Behind this success and development are our skilled human resources, knowledge and business relationships based on trust. The mutual trust that we have established with all the institutions and organizations with which we cooperate is the most important value of our understanding of work. Our most important future effort will be to maintain our strong relationships of trust with all our stakeholders.

ROMTEK started its activity in 1998 with ROMTEK A.Ş. ROMTEK A.S. When working abroad, we provide you with the necessary materials. In this context, we supply materials from our country. Currently, as ROMTEK EXPORT, we buy quality materials from Turkey, which we supply from our country. Thus, we contribute to the national economy.

ROMTEK A.Ş. where we continue our business life as a Turk in Norway. and inside ROMTEK EXPORT we are proud of it.

Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we combine the past, present and future with respect for people and the environment, and we prepare more spacious premises for you with our pioneering projects in the construction industry.

We design living spaces for people in the construction industry in Norway, from foundation to turnkey.

Within this understanding, we conduct our business, which we are passionate about, striving to offer a modern lifestyle to our people and modern living spaces to our city and country.